Biden is the end of the American dream

This is another response to the letter titled “Dodging the bullet” with a Biden victory, printed Nov. 15.

First, the horrible ungodly name-calling showed me the letter writer’s character of what kind of person he really is. God help him.

The apparent (no doubt from voter fraud) victory for Biden has indeed brought hope. Not for America, but for China, Ukraine and globalists. Rebuilding the DOJ will likely mean a return to the corrupt cabala that sought to undermine a presidential election with a soft coup that undermines President Trump with spying, misuse of power and manufacturing of false accusations. The Democrat house and the fake news media will never report the truth on Trump’s positive accomplishments (too many to count). One was our tax breaks. Another was all the jobs he helped to bring back to the U.S. Also a vaccine for COVID-19.

Biden and his picks will lose those jobs and do away with (he said so) the tax cuts we enjoy under Trump. Biden said he will raise taxes on those making $400,000 and above, so you should know they will pass them on to us. We will be hit hard. We will lose the American dream.

Trump tried and they hate him for it. Sad.

So people, “Look up,” Jesus is coming soon! Because many have no love for the truth, he knows our destruction is here very soon.

Thomas Jackson



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