Writer wrong on gun rights

In response to the letter headlined “Not that easy,” dated Oct. 18 about gun rights, the writer is wrong on several fronts.

The right to bear arms IS a bread and butter issue that affects family lives, especially to those who face daily threat of crime and violence in their homes or businesses. That right can be lost without any tampering with the rest of the Constitution.

Many left-leaning judges have interpreted the wording “well-regulated militia” to apply solely to the military or law enforcement, and not to private citizens.

All Team Biden needs is to pack the Supreme Court with this type of jurist and they can simply re-interpret John Q. Public’s right to keep and bear arms out of existence. Statements by Biden and several ranking members of his party have announced their support for both confiscating guns and packing the court, although they refer to it as “reforming” the court. They fully understand the unchecked power they would gain from a rubber-stamp court.

The writer claims to have observed 60 years of BS about the 2nd Amendment. How is it that he missed the outcry of many parents after the school shootings who wanted armed school-based police officers on campus to protect the students? They saw the wisdom of more guns on campus. How did he miss the fact that background checks for gun sales are commonplace. Why did he suggest more regulations on weapons and ammo when they are not enforceable or practical when it comes to stopping crime?

On the political front, Trump has not attacked our democracy. The president has not attacked our “election process,” but has rightly denounced the never-before-used practice of spam-mailout ballots that lends itself, at best, to inaccuracy and at worst to outright fraud.

He is not lying to us. The writer is lying to himself.

Helen Hofawger

Washington, W.Va.


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