To the citizens of Vienna

On Nov. 3 or before please consider a change for mayor, city recorder and all new council members except councilman Mike Elam.

Just a little reminder, your water and sewer rates took a big jump. The senior citizens all lost their credit on the police fee. The ones who voted for the increase and to take the credit from the senior citizens are Bruce Rogers who has been on the council for 29 years, Roger Bibbee (27 years), Jim Leach (4 years) Cathy Smith (19 years) and Mayor Randy Rapp (8 years). All voted for these increases and to take away the credit of the police fee.

At council meetings, any topic brought up which needs voted on and the mayor wants it passed, it’s always a 5-2 vote with Roger Conley and Elam being the lone ducks to vote the other way.

Citizens of Vienna, it is time to have new people in office! If you read carefully, Mike Smith’s qualifications for mayor and campaign platform, you will find he would donate back to the city of Vienna $12,000 per year, which equals $48,000 for 4 years. There will be committees formed to determine what charities this money will go to; for example: churches, schools and so forth. People, please take this into consideration when you vote! This is a big plus for Vienna.

At the council meeting on Oct. 8, 2020, when citizens of Vienna stood to speak on certain topics, Elam and Conley motioned that any topic spoken upon should be recorded in the council meeting minutes. Leach, Rapp, Smith and Bibbee all voted against the motion. It is clear to me and should be to all citizens of Vienna this is not right. Any topic should be recorded in the minutes as to what was discussed and decided on by council and then followed up on to be sure the decisions made are being done. It seems no one is being held in check!

Look at how many years collectively the council members have been in office and how much money has been spent on the Johns Manville property, 60th Street, and buying houses to be torn down. A good example is 19th Street, which is a cut-through to Rosemar Road and is heavily traveled. It has never been touched paving wise, but alleys are being paved. The sewer lines, water lines and streets are not being taken care of. It’s our money being spent on these kinds of projects! We need a change of mayor, recorder and council badly! Please consider these points when you vote.

Joe Brookover



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