So much hate

This is the second time I am writing this letter. The first time I was so mad and disgusted I misspelled and skipped words. I did not realize the block where I live had so much hate and anger.

A young lady came to my house selling cleaning products. She wasn’t on the corner begging for money. I told her she might have trouble going door to door in this part of town.

I also said if she had any trouble, come back to my house. About half an hour later, she is coming up my walk to the house. She is crying and very upset. I had her sit on the porch and got her settled down. What she told me, the way my neighbors had treated her, was unbelievable and said. She was called the N word and a lot worse. She had her cleaning products thrown out in the home owner’s yard, then ordered off the property.

She is from Alabama and said she had never been talked to and treated that way. I gave her my phone to call her boss to come and get her.

I told him I was ashamed I had neighbors that had so much hate.

I am wondering if our country will ever realize we are ALL God’s children, and we will answer to Him someday for the way we have treated his children.

God have mercy on our country.

Donald Hinzman



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