Letter to our U.S. Senators

As a citizen of West Virginia and the United States, I am truly concerned about the rush to appoint a judge to the Supreme Court. You did not do it after Judge Scalia died in February 2016. Why the rush? So, the president can be assured of a second term? So, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can be destroyed?

My husband and I are on Medicare, Social Security and retirement from the Ohio State Teachers Retirement Fund. We have siblings in Ohio, South Carolina and Florida who are, also, collecting Social Security and have Medicare. We have nieces and nephews who live in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida. We have friends and cousins living in Kentucky and Georgia.

You see our family will be hurt by the repeal of ACA. Ohio and Kentucky have expanded Medicaid which helps a cousin in Kentucky; a great, great niece in Ohio who attends a school for children with special needs; one who is a cancer survivor, tries to work but is not able many days and has Medicaid to help with all her medical problems; and a great nephew who needs 24-hour care due to severe mental and physical disabilities and spends many days at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Some of these may have voted for you, but they do not deserve to lose their health care.

Wait until after Jan. 20, 2021 to work on replacing Justice Ginsberg. One last plea for the Congress to help the people in the midst of this pandemic instead of trying to fulfill the whims of a man who is sick and on a high regimen of medication.

Margaret Meeker



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