Can you survive without programs?

The prospect of the overturn of the Affordable Care Act terrifies me. My husband and I are both covered by Medicare and in addition we have supplemental Medigap plans. Originally we got the Medigap plans as a retirement benefit from my husband’s former employer. Several years ago, the company terminated this plan and now the company contributes a portion of the premium for individual policies.

Because the ACA was in effect, we were told we didn’t have to reveal any pre-existing conditions. We got coverage without having our pre-existing conditions affect premium or coverage. My husband has an expensive pre-existing condition. If the ACA is overturned our coverage could be lost or become prohibitively expensive.

We could also lose wellness visits and a number of preventative care provisions.

In addition the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds are not being fully funded at this time and rumors are that President Trump will permanently discontinue funding. It this is true the Social Security fund will be depleted in a couple of years. He is also rumored to be raiding the Medicare fund to give seniors $200 prescription cards, hastening the depletion of Medicare’s fund as well.

I don’t know how long we could survive this triple economic whammy–no coverage for pre-existing conditions, no Social Security, no Medicare. If you are a senior, how long do you think you could survive without the current federal programs? If you are approaching retirement, are you depending on these programs? If you are in the generation supporting both parents and children, do you need these programs for your parents now and yourselves in the future? For the average American, conditions could become as bad they were in the 1930s.

For those of us in the lower 90 percent, our economic survival may depend on how this election turns out. Look at the issues and VOTE your interests.

Judith Peascoe



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