Another round of lies

On Sept. 27, the News and Sentinel, printed “Chapter 1” of a letter to the editor titled “A look at Biden’s America.” It was a short collection of political absurdities and lies about Joe Biden and none of it was supported by anything resembling facts. All of those lies and claims in “Chapter 1” were, at best, vague, misleading generalities.

So, I was surprised to see another similar letter (Chapter 2) in the Oct. 4 edition of the paper and really surprised when Chapter 3 showed up a week later. That writer was working overtime fabricating imaginary crimes out of thin air and Joe Biden was his target.

I wrote a response to Chapter 1 and the newspaper printed my response. I essentially described Chapter 1 for what it was — poorly written political trash in the form of multiple lies scrambled into eight confused paragraphs.

When Chapters 2 and 3 appeared on successive weekends they were more of the same. Reading that stuff was like listening to fingernails screeching on a blackboard. It was annoying, whining, make-believe nonsense from a writer who wouldn’t recognize truth if it jumped up and bit him on his backside.

When Chapter 3 arrived, I found myself re-reading those three letters and looking for something different. I was looking for anything that would put a humorous twist on that collection of God-awful lies. I was looking for something (anything) in that ridiculous 3-part composition that I could laugh about.

But there was absolutely nothing to laugh about. All three of those letters to the editor were pure, mean-spirited hate-mail. It was the same type of ugly, deceitful distortions you get from professional hate-mongers like Rush Limbaugh.

Then I realized that writer had probably missed his calling. He can string more political lies together in a few short paragraphs than anyone else I’ve ever read. He should have a private office in the White House as Donald Trump’s number-one staff writer in charge of making up outrageous lies.

Ralph Chambers



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