A coincidence?

As part of my daily discipline, I read the Bible for 15 to 30 minutes each night. The readings are based on a three-year cycle of Scripture readings that is used by The Episcopal Church and most mainline Protestant denominations. A publication called Forward Day by Day lists the scriptures and provides a meditation on a selected verse.

On Oct. 12, the hearing to appoint a new Supreme Court justice filled the news media. That night, as I read, one verse jumped out. Micah 7:3 “Their hands are skilled to do evil; the official and the judge ask for a bribe, and the powerful dictate what they desire; thus they pervert justice.” The meditation written months before was on this same verse.

That the hearings; the reading, chosen years before; and the meditation verse, that jumped out to me as I read it and was also chosen months before by the author; all came together on the same day is surely coincidental. As the President is fond of saying, “Maybe yes, Maybe no. I don’t know.” I don’t know either.

What I do know is that the Senate confirmation of a Supreme Court justice is being crammed into the middle of an election. The president is campaigning that he needs this seat filled. He can only win the election if the justice rules in favor of his claims that the voting is rigged. Senators, who said they would not support hearing in an election year, now say this time it is different. They have the power so they must act.

In eleven words, written 2,700 years ago, Micah so aptly describes our current political situation. “…and the powerful dictate what they desire: thus they pervert justice.”

Warren Peascoe



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