Trump telling the Big Lie

It’s worrisome listening to Trump saying over and over that voting by mail will lead to massive fraud. He has a lot of his followers believing that. This is nothing more than the “Big Lie.”

The Big Lie is a tool used often by tyrants and too often with success. It’s evil and it has brought nations down. The Big Lie is defined in Webster’s dictionary. You repeat a life often enough and some people will believe it.

Trump says that foreigners, dead people and even dogs will be sending in ballots. This is absolute nonsense. You have to be a registered voter to vote by mail. My dog is pretty smart but there’s no way I can get him registered to vote.

Even Vladimir Putin can’t vote for Trump; as much as he’d like to. All he can do is spread lies about Biden on Facebook, and more people are coming to realize that Facebook is a poor source of political information.

The truth is that voting by mail is the most secure way to do it. It’s paper ballots that are checked by representatives from both parties to make sure the sender really is a registered voter.

It’s far more secure than those electronic voting machines with no paper trails.

They can be rigged or hacked into.

Check out what all the fact checkers say; the real ones that is.

They all will tell you that voting by mail is perfectly secure and is the way of the future.

William Dwyer



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