Looking ahead

The election coming up on Nov. 3 is a matter of life and death if the wrong people get in office and will be the end of our Constitution and our God-given freedoms.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.

Prayer should be the underlying approach to seeking a God-honoring government. God give us good counsel of how to conduct our lives in a disciplined political manner. We must avoid decisions based on traditions, emotions and pride but rather embrace God’s truth and wisdom and make decisions that value the Kingdom of God more than the kingdom of man.

Consider these all-important decisions on Nov. 3. Pro-life: God is the author of life; capitalism not socialism; constitution not communism; conservatism not liberalism; patriotism and our beautiful flag, free speech, prosperity, secure borders, strong military, law and order, support our police, legal immigration, gun rights, energy independence; tax breaks not higher taxes; small government; voter ID; a strong economy again; no more lockdowns, etc.

You, the voter, decide, and God helps you to make the right decision. God bless America.

JoAn Huck



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