Keep up with maintenance

I have been listening with interest to Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling’s comments regarding all of the progress being made in readying the county’s schools for the return of students this fall.

I think it is wonderful that the Williamstown and Waverly communities are getting a brand new facility. But my concern lies with the remaining schools in the county. I see so many instances of routine maintenance not being attended to.

As an example, we can look at the consolidation of the Worthington and Emerson elementary schools. Since the forced closure of school this past March, the Worthington facility has been allowed to rapidly deteriorate. One can barely see the building for the overgrowth of grass and weeds. This facility is still an important asset of the county school system. Why allow it to deteriorate?

As for Emerson School, an addition has been added to provide administrative staff space. This is probably a much-needed addition, but before those funds were spent, did Mr. Fling and his staff look at the existing structure?

The classroom windows are steel framed and are currently a rusting mess. Additionally, the caulking used to seal these windows has either completely fallen out or is loose and ready to fall.

These are routine maintenance issues that simply are not being addressed in a timely fashion. I am certain that the heating costs for Emerson School will continue to be significantly higher than need be due to this lack of routine maintenance.

I understand that we must move forward with improving our facilities but we cannot ignore the maintenance issues facing our existing buildings.

I believe it is time that Mr. Fling and his staff take a closer look at the entire school system’s routine maintenance issues and less time touting new construction and major renovations. We cannot afford to continue to neglect these issues.

Bob Liberati



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