Insults to injuries

After four years of Donald Trump, no one should be surprised about what comes out of his mouth or his tweets anymore. In fact, he’s been a loose cannon his entire life. However, recent revelations of him referring to our fallen soldiers and veterans as suckers and losers is shocking, disgraceful, deplorable and unthinkable.

The American electorate should have written him off forever after his disparaging remarks about John McCain, a decorated Navy veteran, in a 2005 interview. All of this from a man who avoided the military draft during the Vietnam War by receiving five separate deferments through the efforts of his wealthy father.

I know millions of Americans are angry and so am I. But, fortunately, in America we are able to rid ourselves of politicians like him who have no respect for our values, or our veterans, through our election process.

For the sake of our nation and the free world, we need to get some sanity back in our White House. That’s why on Nov. 3, this veteran will help make Donald Trump a loser.

Gary Cochran

U.S. Navy Seabee Veteran

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