A look at Biden’s America

While campaigning, Joe Biden informs us the current protesting, rioting and looting in liberal Democratic run cities is a result of living in Trump’s America and President Trump owns the violence.

The truth is, the violent protests are a prelude to living in a Biden America, in which the violence would spread to conservative Republican led cities and states, because it has been learned 17 members of Biden’s staff have been bailing arrested violent protesters from jail and putting them back on the streets to keep the violence going.

In Biden’s America, criminals, some violent, would be released from prisons to prey on our citizens. In Biden’s America, there will be no border law enforcement. Illegals, some violent, will pour across our southern border. Some will be carrying COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

In Biden’s America, there will be lack of law enforcement at all levels to protect us from violent illegals or prison releasees, due to police defunding or funds re-allocation as Biden calls it.

In Biden’s America, citizens will be unable to protect themselves, because Biden is anti-Second Amendment and will take your guns, led by his “gun control czar” to be Beto O’Rourke.

In Biden’s America energy bills will skyrocket, rolling blackouts will become commonplace as they are presently in California, due to Biden closing coal and oil fired power plants, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez his “climate czar” to be.

In Biden’s America, the economy will tank, due to the loss of jobs in the energy sector. We will have double-digit unemployment. We will have no coal mining and no oil drilling or refining. Gasoline prices will surge under Biden’s version of the Green New Deal.

As a sidenote, the current climate crisis is a hoax being perpetrated by the fanatical left to redistribute the world’s wealth.

In Biden’s America, we would live under a lockdown until a coronavirus vaccine is approved, which would further decimate the economy. Also, we would be required to wear a mask outside our home even when going to our mailbox.

In Biden’s America, it might be acceptable to riot without wearing a mask, however.

Steve Wolverton



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