Stand up for America

Someone has to say something. I will. Stand up, put on your mask if it is required. Go register to vote. If we do not go vote on Nov. 3 we may find our country being run by followers of the devil. You may say, how do you know this? The answer is simple.

Those willing to murder the unborn should never be trusted to govern the living. Just look at their followers. Look how they have been going around their cities shooting and killing babies, police and anyone else that disagree with them.

Right now in Portland they are burning our flag and Bibles. Yes, they are burning Bibles. Can’t we see if they are voted into office what they will be doing next? How would you like to have your business burnt to the ground? How would you like to have your house burnt to the ground? How would you like your child shot to death?

If the leadership of those cities condone what is being done in their cities, what will happen if Biden is elected president of the United States? He will be happy to take away our guns. The money to pay the police will not be there. Who will protect us if there are no police?

How will we like gangs running our cities like the ones running their cities? Who will protect our families? Will they refuse to respect our Christian values? I have a question for you. Is there any moral values left in them at all?

May God bless our country. Stand up, put on your mask and vote Nov. 3.

Rev. Charles E. Leisure

Elizabeth, W.Va.


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