Clearing the air pollution

In the Aug. 23 edition of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, a local right-wing letter-writer decided to respond to a response I had published to Congressman David McKinley on Aug. 9. This is not surprising. He seems to be an avid reader of mine and to often feel the need to respond. But he, as usual, responded with some nonsense that needs to be meaningfully addressed.

The author stated that the vast majority of atmospheric CO2 emissions are not fossil fuels related. It’s true that CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere in multiple ways including animal respiration, the decomposition of organic matter, weathering of carbonate rocks and volcanic eruptions; but near ubiquitous findings of virtually the entire global climate and atmospheric scientific community indicate that human extraction and use of fossil fuels coal, oil and gas (these fuels simply being fossilized organic matter) is destabilizing the earth’s climactic system as it has existed throughout the geologic era known as the Holocene. We have had such an impact on the global climate system that we have officially entered, according to many earth scientists such as geologists and geophysicists, a geological epoch known as the Anthropocene.

How do I know about this legitimate global scientific consensus? Dr. James Lawrence Powell, MIT geophysicist and two-time appointee to the National Science Board by Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr., reviewed 54,195 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals with regard to anthropogenic (human-caused) global climate change published from 1991-2015 and found an average 99.94 percent consensus that not only is global warming occurring, but that we are the primary cause. Dr. Powell found in a November 2019 follow up that this consensus had reached virtually 100 percent, findings that were published in the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society.

As per the rest of the author’s drivel, well, China is our largest trading partner, not an enemy. If he wants to pay more for thorium-based nuclear reactors for energy that is more cheaply attainable via a nationally linked grid with solar, wind, certain hydro options and storage, I’m thinking other energy consumers disagree. With regard to “criminals who are currently looting and burning many of our cities,” I suppose that’s a racist jab at the BLM movement, but one investigation after another into such matters has found that white provocateurs, some in law enforcement, started or escalated the burning and looting. I stand with the largest 21st Century movement thus far for racial justice and equity and criminal justice reform.

As far as letting criminals go, illegal immigration, cancel culture, restricted speech and censorship, well, I stand with ending the war on drugs and releasing non-violent criminals; I stand with ending family separations and the confinement of people of all ages for unspecified times in awful conditions without due process; I stand with tearing down memorials and monuments to the Confederacy, a secessionist movement to preserve and expand African slavery and a movement defeated by actual Americans; and I stand with big tech companies banning QAnon conspiracies about Satanist child molesters, who we’re supposed to believe a longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is somehow combating.

By the way, I’m not a registered Democrat so no, the author truly does not know me.

Eric Engle



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