Appalled by this situation

Just recently, I saw that Ohio Speaker of the House Larry Householder and the former Chairman of the Republican party Matt Borges and several associates were arrested by the FBI on charges of bribery. As a Republican, I am appalled at this type of behavior by officials from either side of the aisle. We must always demand due process be followed — no railroading or hoaxes; and we must insist on fidelity in office. But if the allegations by the FBI are ultimately borne out in court, the guilty must pay. Thanks to the FBI for working to uncover corruption, even at the highest levels of state government.

We have long known that some Republican in Name Only politicians are sprinkled throughout the party. Speaker Householder has failed us in Columbus and failed us as a member of government with his inaction and recent alleged criminal actions. I would urge readers to not judge the party based on the actions or allegations of disgraceful actions taken by a few rotten apples within our great state of Ohio. It may turn out that these conspirators are Never-Trump Republicans, such as Matt Borges who now side with left-wing Democrats in hopes of someday climbing back into the driver’s seat. As a proud conservative and a member of the Republican Party, I can sincerely and in good conscience say good riddance to unfaithful actors, no matter what party banner they raise.

In an Election Sermon by Samuel Cooke A.M. of Cambridge Mass in the year 1770 we read “Rulers are appointed for this very end — to be ministers of God for good. The people have a right to expect this from them, and to require it, not as an act of grace, but as their reasonable due. It is the express or implicit condition upon which they were chosen and continued in public office, that they attend continually upon this very thing. Their time, their abilities, their authority — by the acceptance of the public trust — are consecrated to the community, and cannot in justice be withheld. … In justice to people, and in faithfulness to God, they must either sustain it with fidelity, or resign the office.”

Given such a standard of faithfulness and fidelity, I can join with my fellows, past and present in calling for these persons to resign.

Rev. J. Michael Webber, MA, MEd

Former Chairman of the Washington County Republican Party

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