An honor to learn from Avery

“Dr. Avery saved my life, you know,” is a quote that I have heard from countless patients since joining the practice in 2012. My idea of a family practice at that time was that we treated people of all ages. I quickly discovered that our patients were quite literally, family. Dr. Avery’s dedication to the wellbeing of his patients led to generations of families entrusting him with their lives.

Hippocrates said that “it is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” Dr. Avery had the ability to connect with a vast array of personalities. His laid back demeanor had the power to calm even the most anxious patient. I have witnessed him deliver the most heart-wrenching news along with the most casual conversation with the same steadiness and ease.

I had the privilege of practicing medicine with his guidance for five years. Whenever I said “I have a question,” one of his common retorts was “what is the meaning of life?” The answer was obvious in his dedication and servitude for others. Dr. Avery, it is an honor to care for your patients. Thank you for teaching me how.

Natalie K. Ball, PA-C



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