An act of kindness

A few weeks ago I was moving a large box of things I was giving to the ladies of the church who were going to have a sale soon, to raise money for the church. The box was quite heavy for an old man to lift, so when I got it outside the house, on the yard sidewalk, I pulled the box along on the sidewalk to where my car was located. While I was opening the trunk of my car and my back was turned, some one came up behind me and asked if I could use some help with the box?

When I turned around, a large man was the one who had asked if I could use some help. I said “yes,” I sure could.

He went over to where the box was sitting, picked it up easily and carried it over and put it in the trunk of my car. I thanked him for the help and he said “no sweat,” patted me on my shoulder and went back to his car and drove away.

He must have seen me sliding the box down the sidewalk as he was driving by and decided to stop and lend me a hand.

I didn’t know the man or where he lived, but going out of his way by stopping his car to help is something not many would have done.

Paul Stone



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