Washington Sweetie-Pies?

Are you OK with the current situation of the left going about making everything politically correct? I warn you; sooner or later, they will attack something that you like. We are witnessing a name change being forced on the Washington Redskins, a name that was intended to represent honor, respect, and pride. The image now depicted on the Redskins helmet is of John “Two Guns” Whitecalf, a Blackfeet Chief whose likeness also appeared on the U.S. Buffalo nickel minted from 1913-1938.

A 2019 Washington Post survey found that 68% of Native Americans were not offended. A 2004 Annenberg Public Policy Poll indicated that only 9% found the name offensive. But all this matters not to the radical left; their agenda calls for getting rid of anything that offends them.

Let’s imagine that the new name will turn out to be … the Washington Sweetie-Pies. Certainly, that would never offend anyone. Don’t bet on it! How ’bout the American Association of Nutritionists? They are dead-against too much sugar. How could those highly trained medical professionals stand to live in a nation which is home to a football team named the Sweetie-Pies? Oh, such misery!

Seriously though, allowing this widespread word purge is not freedom; it is the opposite. If you do not stand up against this form of tyranny now, who will be left to speak out when they get around to you?

“… we will not be silenced!” (President Trump on July 3, 2020)

Tom Fenton



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