Trust the science, not Trump

The COVID-19 spikes throughout our state and nation are real; ignore them at our peril.

The rose-colored wishful thinking, self-aggrandizement and science denial strategy that have been the hallmarks of the Trump administration’s response to this crisis are also real. The administration’s focus, after months of procrastination, has been mostly on restarting the economy at the expense of thousands of lives. By comparison, look at the results in Europe, Asia and elsewhere (including N.Y.), where they followed the science: they shut down quickly and opened up very slowly, with expanded testing and contact tracing to get a handle on the size of the pandemic and quickly isolate hot spots.

The situation in the States is not about a few “embers;” rather it’s about wide swaths of our country where masks are not being worn, social distancing is non-existent and the belief that a macho attitude will be effective in overcoming the virus. That approach is dangerous and selfish. Scientists predicted first-wave deaths in the U.S. to be between 140K and 200K if we followed the CDC guidelines; we are currently above 135K. Contrary to Trump’s rhetoric, we are definitely not in a “good place” as his administration is so eager to proclaim.

The efficacy of wearing masks, social distancing and good personal hygiene has been proven not only in the lab but in our communities. As it stands now, these are our only tools to contain the coronavirus as humans have no immunity from it. The scientists and doctors are the ones who will eventually come to our rescue as vaccines and treatments are developed. To disparage, contradict and ignore these experts entrusted to advise and inform the public has resulted in inconsistent messaging, dangerous non-remedies, a blind rush toward a pre-pandemic normal and an uncontrolled spread of the virus.

Trump abrogates responsibility, passes the blame and loses credibility while keeping much of our nation’s collective head firmly planted in the sand. So, dear reader, it’s up to us: Wear the masks, keep your distance, wash your hands and vote for change in November.

Bob Crocker



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