Misinformation or ignorance?

I have seen signs on many businesses and government agencies saying the WV governor is mandating masks or facial coverings be worn before you can enter their building. According to the updated Exec. Order 50-20, dated 7/7/20 that is not really correct.

Is the twisting of information the fault of the media, public health employees, Corporate Headquarters, or heads of government agencies, or a combination? It’s probably much easier to just repeat a headline instead of taking time to be correct and read the entire intention of the Order.

There are some factions that are seeing how far the citizens can be controlled, not just in West Virginia. People living in fear are much easier to control. In this case, wearing facial coverings may, or may not, protect citizens from each other.

On the governor’s site the intention of the Order is summarized as follows: “Face covering must be worn in all public indoor places where social distancing cannot be maintained; Does not apply to children under the age of 9 or anyone who has trouble breathing or otherwise unable to remove the mask with out assistance.”

Almost every business I’ve been in practices mandated distancing, so if that is true then no one would be required to wear a mask. Occasionally I have trouble breathing and can’t wear a mask for very long, as I’m sure many others are having the same problem.

Hopefully all of these mandates will be over soon.

Eugene Smith



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