Do not erase history

About the article on the Wood Board of Education: At the end it talks about Miss Hendershot sharing a meme in June on her personal Facebook account that showed images of the Confederate flag and had words that if we had equal rights in this country wouldn’t my southern heritage be as important as your Black history.

Well I certainly agree with that. History is history And I don’t feel that she should be fired because of that; and Miss Lorraine also asked for police to be removed from the schools and for the district to develop more inclusive historically accurate school curriculums that foster respect and understanding across races.

I’m sorry Miss Lorraine but history is history. Whether it’s good or bad it needs to be taught and I hope that the Board of Education never takes action on her words.

Thinking like that I believe is what’s tearing this country apart all across America, with riots and protests.

I’m sorry people don’t like the history but it is history and you don’t tear it down.

As it’s been said many many times you don’t erase history unless you want it repeated. And then that stands, who would ever want slavery repeated?

The indoctrination of kids needs to be stopped. It’s up to parents to teach their kids about what’s right and what’s wrong, not the schools.

And I also believe they need to take another look at their health classes instead of teaching about abortions and transgenders and why someone has two mamas or two pappas. That stuff should be taken out of the school curriculums.

Kathryn Uhl



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