Relationship building

I would like to say how proud I was of the peaceful protest on Sunday. I would have been there myself but didn’t get the memo. (smiles) I have marched many times over the years and know how effective protests are.

As important as protests are, however, I would like to address the actions of one of our police officers a day or so earlier. It was reported that a neighbor had called the police on a young man because his basketball kept going on the neighbor’s property. I don’t know what was discussed, only what the officer’s action was.

He began playing ball with the kid! What that officer demonstrated by his action is the most powerful thing that will change the way law enforcement and people of color and all people of the community interact. This action is called relationship and is the most powerful human action that will truly make a difference.

Thank you, officer, and all other officers who think like you.

Jerrie Green



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