No one entitled to presidency

After reading the letter containing the biased account of the 2000 election in Florida, in the Sunday, June 14 newspaper, I felt compelled to respond.

In Florida, Bush carried the state by over 500 votes, a close election. The votes were recounted by the voting machines and Bush won, again by over 500 votes. Remember, voting machines have no party bias when tallying votes.

Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, did her job and certified Bush as the winner but Al Gore refused to accept the results and demanded a hand count, which he again lost.

Gore and the Democrats went to the Florida Supreme Court, consisting of liberal justices appointed by former Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles, who displayed their Democratic bias and overturned Harris’s certification, setting the stage for endless recounts, using different standards of evaluating the chads.

After four recounts, which Bush won and actually gained a few votes, with no end to the recounts in sight, Bush went to the US. Supreme Court, which rightly ruled in Bush’s favor, making him the winner in Florida and the new U.S. president.

After Bush took office, the news media (no fans of Bush) recounted the ballots and agreed Bush did win the election.

The Democrats tried to steal the 2000 election using the courts, and the 2016 election by falsely accusing Trump of Russian collusion, and later impeaching him. The Russian collusion charges have been proven false.

No one is entitled to be president. Not Al Gore in 2000 or Hillary Clinton in 2016 or Joe Biden in 2020.

What is sinister is the Democrats presently laying the groundwork to steal the 2020 election by claiming Trump won by voter fraud, when re-elected.

Democrats should take a page out of the Republican playbook and graciously accept the results when they lose an election. No screaming racism, sexism or voter fraud and no trying to overturn the election.

If Democrats are serious about winning future elections, they need to run candidates who are in touch with voters, instead of radical far left extremists like their 2020 slate of presidential wannabes.

Steve Wolverton



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