An act of kindness

This evening I was alone after my granddaughter left for church, so I decided to pick up some fast food at a drive-thru and have a picnic by myself at Spencer’s Landing. After I had eaten my food, I decided to move my car over near the entrance and take a walk around the park. When I had moved my car, I remembered I had a bottle of wiper fluid in the back of my car and this was a good time to put it in the reservoir. After I got the hood up and located what I believed to be the opening for the fluid, I remembered about a year ago I put brake fluid in the wrong place, so I decided to get my operator’s manual out and check to make sure I had the right place to pour the washer fluid in.

It was the right place, so I poured it in and shut the hood and started my walk.

I only got about 25 yards before I heard someone calling me. “Sir, sir, sir.” So I stopped and turned around to find a young man, looked to be about 20 years old, calling to me.

He said “Are you having car trouble?”

“No,” I replied, “I was only putting washer fluid in my car.”

“I thought you were,” he said. I told him once more, and thanked him for being concerned. As he turned to go back to his car, he said “I know a lot about cars,” and went on with his walk.

As I was walking I thought how nice it was that the young man went out of his way to see if I needed help.

It sure was an act of kindness on his part, something you don’t see very often these days.

Paul Stone



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