Don’t throw away history

Much of our history is being tossed! Boomers and other seniors are “down-sizing,” or their children are being left with the task of doing something with their possessions. Too often, family photos, old documents, maps, school yearbooks and even good furnishings end up on the curb. Other times a dumpster is brought in, and, without sorting, items that might have been saved and cherished for a lifetime are hauled to the landfill.

An alternative might be to contact a historical society or museum. Though they can probably not take or keep everything, please consider giving them the opportunity to check for historically important items. Also, most non-profits are always looking for opportunities to make money. If your items are not historical, perhaps they could be donated as a saleable resource for a not-for-profit organization. Your items might even be tax deductible.

Please, before you “clean house,” take a few minutes to know what you are about to toss. Consider a call to your historical society and allow them the opportunity to look it over. If they have no use for it then it can be tossed!

Thank you.

Bob Enoch

Wood County Historical and Preservation Society


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