Voting for lawless incompetents

After Capito, Mooney, McKinley and Miller voted against impeachment, they all voted for corruption, lawlessness — for Trump to do as he pleases, which he promptly said on the news media the following day.

Then, it became obvious they no longer were representing the people in West Virginia. Instead, they voted for an alien to cross our borders leaving death and suffering in its wake.

Because of their vote for corruption, lawlessness and to continue being led by an incompetent president, our nation was suddenly, and in the form of a deadly virus shocked while it ravaged and roamed the countryside of America.

Trump continued denying that the virus was real, calling it a hoax, fake news and that he expected it to miraculously disappear in a few weeks. In that few weeks and the weeks to follow it’s estimated that a million or more people will become infected and thousands will die due to the virus before a vaccine will be discovered to help stop the virus.

America was OK, Trump said. It would come and go quickly. Nothing to worry about? Trump continued to lie and deceiving the American people. Due to his incompetence this virus has cost thousands of American families, dearly

A virus killing people, while the president attacks our governors and mayors when all they want is to stop their people from dying. Wouldn’t it upset you that the very government that is supposed to protect you isn’t?

Instead of providing medical assistance Trump becomes vindictive and offers only his hate by calling people names.

These statistics should make every American mad and angry.

They certainly got my attention.

140,990 cases, 2,457 deaths, 4,435 recovered?

Jerry L. Payne



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