Climate change is a cycle

In the March 22 newspaper, Aaron Dunbar is wondering why we are not “fathoming the existential horror of the climate crisis” like we are responding to the coronavirus. It could be that people are dying from corona right now and it has spread all over the world. The lack of concern about the climate situation could be from several things. I will now list a few of these reasons.

1: The gentleman who spearheaded President Obama’s panel on climate change theory was the same fellow who in the late 1970s said that the world was going to freeze over and we were going into a new Ice Age.

2: I don’t know if you remember the 2009-10 “climategate” scandal where many climate change scientists were caught lying about their studies and using unreliable computer models of climate change, rather than actual data. They then tried to cover it up. If you have to lie about your “facts” why would anyone trust you or your facts?

3: Jim Carrey did TV commercials telling us that polar bears were going extinct because of climate change. The truth is there are more polar bears now (25,000-30,000) than ever.

4: In the U.S., since 1990, land use, land use change and forestry activities have resulted in more REMOVAL of CO2 from the atmosphere than emission to it. Just look up carbon dioxide for this info. We are leading the world on CO2 decreases, and are not in the Paris Accords.

5: William Happer, a Princeton University professor emeritus, when testifying before a 2009 Senate committee said “Most of the time CO2 levels have been at least 1,000 parts per million, and it has been quite higher than that.” So much for doom from greenhouse gases.

The best thing that could happen to stop air pollution is that the U.N. could nudge China, India and Malaysia to put scrubbers on their coal plants. These three countries are the largest coal users and by 2050 they still will get half their power from coal.

It appears that climate activists like to tell that the world is ending tomorrow, or just use scare tactics about impending doom. Now the melting permafrost is going to unleash unknown diseases, or perhaps somewhere in the buried lichens will come the cure for cancer or some other cure.

I am recommending to all climate activists the book “Dark Winter” by John L. Casey, a real scientist not relying on a government grant. He will explain to you the cycle of today’s climate based on the cycles of past climate. Rising and falling oceans, rising and falling greenhouse gases and the warming and cooling of the earth have all happened before many times. It is a cycle.

Brian Bennett



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