Thoughts about fair play

Little Jimmy came running up the driveway after school, tears streaming down his cheeks, collapsing into the arms of his father.

Daddy, I was supposed to be the leader going to recess … it was my turn, but the teacher let Suzy be the leader just because Suzy brought the teacher an apple. It’s not fair!

The father consoled his son and told him he was sorry about his disappointment and that life is anything but fair.

Son, we have a president that acts like he is King (not the public servant he should be), making up the rules as he goes along. That’s not fair to the people who elected him is it?

And then there is Michael Bloomberg. He thinks he can buy the presidency, sit in his limo, sip espresso and watch as others slug it out in the campaign trenches. That doesn’t seem too fair, does it?

And then there is baseball.

“No, Daddy, baseball is fair,” exclaimed Jimmy. “Three strikes, you’re out.”

I’m sorry, son, even baseball is not fair. The Houston Astros used technology to steal signs and win ball games. They should have given back their World Series rings, right? No, son, it’s not fair. They’re gonna keep their rings.

And the New York Yankees can spend $300 million to get the players they want, while the Cleveland Indians can only muster $90 million and have not won the World Series since 1948. No, son, even the American pastime is not played fairly.

Little Jimmy listens, and then replies, “I know those people in Washington are not always fair, and you may die before your Indians win a World Series, but what has that got to do with my problem at school?”

Well, son, some day you and little Suzy are going to college and both of you are going to become engineers making widgets, doing the exact same work. But our society does not compensate men and women fairly when both do the exact same work. You, Jimmy, will probably get paid more than Suzy, and then you can buy a whole truckload of apples and dump them in her front yard.

Does that make life fair?

Roger Hendershot



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