Then and now

Dr. Null asked a very interesting question. What did happen to Parkersburg? Well the answer to that question, Dr. Null, is time changes and communities change. When we allow those who seek political office, claiming that if voted for they can fix things and make it better for everyone, then get into office and do nothing but fight and bicker with the other side like five-year-olds, then things don’t get accomplished.

When we have special interest groups demanding that their ways only should be considered, and no one else’s, then there are no compromises to find solutions to solve the issues we face as a community.

Maybe if we came together as a community and were not so hateful — act like adults — then we could find solutions to solve the problems we face today.

We can bring Parkersburg back to be a thriving middle-class community. It will have to take ALL of us to work together to make it happen. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves. Are you??

Let’s do this!

Christine Dodd



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