Support David White

In 2012, while campaigning for Commissioner, David White came to our door.

We discussed the seemingly unavoidable sewering of Devola and Mr. White assured us he would fight the overreaching EPA as long as possible.

During the last seven years Commissioner White, along with Commissioner Feathers, has kept us well informed of the situation. Anytime we have had questions Commissioner White has been readily available to give us an update, offer suggestions, and provide information.

We believe our County Commissioners have fought a valiant battle. But the fight is over. Make no mistake folks, the court did not rule against our Board of Commissioners, the court ruled against us; the citizens of Devola.

We trust Commissioner White to keep his promise and continue looking out for our best interest. We trust his experience, knowledge and willingness to do the work of securing the best system available for Devola residents. We trust his honesty in answering questions and making the information available to the public.

We trust David White. We know he has Devola and all of Washington County’s best interest in mind when making decisions.

Please join us in casting your vote to keep Washington County in the hands of experience.

Vote David White County Commissioner.

Erica Sommer



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