Stay the course, help each other

Although the recent developments in our country are certainly unique and unprecedented for multiple generations, tough times are not anything new to West Virginians and the Mid-Ohio Valley. The past two weeks have once again made me proud to be a lifelong resident of West Virginia.

West Virginians are tough, and I believe those of us in the Mid-Ohio Valley are tougher and more resilient than most.

These events have proven again that Wood Countians always have and always will take care of each other. The efforts from our school system to ensure that over 12,000 students received a meal in the absence of daily attendance show that forward-thinking leaders have the youth in mind at every turn even when a stop and pivot is required.

The cooperation across all levels of government in the past two weeks has been transparent and tremendous in that local, state, and federal officials have been open in sharing information, answering questions, and helping when needed.

Local service organizations have again shown their commitment to the residents and populations they serve while at the same time taking precautions to protect their employees, volunteers and clients.

The local healthcare community is working diligently to continue providing the highest quality care possible.

I encourage all residents to take the precautionary measures seriously with regard to handwashing, sanitation and social distancing.

Uncertainty is often the scariest prospect of all. As we face uncertainty in regard to our physical, emotional and financial health, I am certain that over time, we will continue to look after each other, help each other and assist our neighbors and friends in responding to and dealing with this crisis. I know that we will have a stronger community because of it.

Mayor Tom Joyce



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