Skip the negative campaigns

Here we go again. We are in an election year. In November, we will elect a new president or re-elect our current president.

During the primary process, each candidate spends most of their time criticizing the other candidates about why they should not be president. After one person has been chosen to be the party’s nominee, they expect the other former candidates’ support.

More importantly, they expect the eligible voters to vote for them.

Why would a person vote for someone when the same party’s candidates spent so much time attacking the party’s nominee?

Candidates should have respect for the voters. Criticize what someone has said, not the person, when talking about other candidates. An eligible voter’s advice: Instead of spending time criticizing someone, tell the voters what you hope to accomplish, if you are elected.

Remember, you are applying for a job. Voters would be your employer. Then, maybe, you might be worthy to be hired.

William F. Hughes Jr.



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