Parkersburg and priorities

I’m writing on a couple of different issues here in the city of Parkersburg.

The first one is sidewalks on Rayon Drive. Just last week a kid had gotten hit by a car on Rayon Drive, the 1000 Block.

There are no side walks for the kids or any body to walk on down Rayon Drive.

So when the kids get out of Martin Elementary or Edison Jr. High and walk home from school they will be walking into the road because there is nothing for them to walk on.

Mayor Joyce needs to look into important things for the city of Parkersburg instead of getting an ice skating rink at the Pavilion in the park for no one to go to, or a splash water park at the City Park Pool for the kids to slip and fall and bust their heads open and have to have medical treatment.

Mayor Joyce won’t tell you how many time there have been kids hurt at the splash water park from slipping and busting their head open and having to have stitches.

I’m glad they got the splash water park for the pool but let’s not jump the gun and hurry up and open it without it being safe for the kids.

The other thing I want to talk about is the water fountain at the City Park entrance.

Mayor Joyce said in the paper last week that they still needed $150,000 to fix the fountain in the park.

Well first of all you have insurance on the park, and where did the money go that came from the insurance company to replace or repair the fountain in the City Park?

I don’t see where that fountain would even cost $150,000 new let alone that much more to repair it.

I just think there are too many people with their hands in their pocket wanting to put more in their before they leave office.

So the community needs to let that sink in that Mayor Joyce wants $150,000 more for the fountain in the City Park.

Let’s take care of the important things in Parkersburg and make it much more safe for our kids and grandkids.

Let’s take off the cowboy hat and leave it at the ranch, and let’s get the city of Parkersburg back the way it used to be.

John D. McIntyre



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