It is not worth it

In 1947, Winston Churchill famously said that democracy is the worst form of government but is so much better than what is in second place (paraphrased by this author). Well, we are about to see what is in second place. Amidst all the current turmoil in the United States and around the world, where is that one discerning voice?

This writer is in his late seventies. I can only speak for myself, but my old life is not worth destroying our Constitution. We have many of our young people putting their lives on the line every single day. For what? Our Constitution!

This current pandemic seems small in comparison when the “common” flu takes 25 to 30 thousand lives a year, the streets of Chicago take 8 to 10 young kids every weekend and our veterans are committing suicide at the rate of 25 or more every single day. This doesn’t even include deaths from cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and accidents.

If our government did not lie at every turn, we might be more understanding in a crisis. The national press is throwing softball question after softball question. Nancy has disappeared and two old dinosaurs, Biden and Sanders, are saying what they would do about a situation they know nothing about.

Something bigger is on the horizon. If I am wrong or too conspiracy minded, just put “Here lies an old dead poet” on my tombstone, because this little note in the paper would require too large of a stone. To our young people, I would say “Look over there, while they have all of us looking over here.”

This editorial is not against our great county. I served in the United States Navy with great pride and would defend our nation to my dying breath. As a child, I was once told that the difference between being smart or having wisdom. Being smart is knowing the right answers, while being wise is knowing why they are the right answers. Our government would have a lot less push back if they would explain to us in the form of wisdom — not from a pedestal claiming they are smart.

Walter A. Pavlo Sr.



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