Be our best selves

Several days ago federal guidelines were put in place in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 in this country. It has been my observation here in Parkersburg that many are not taking these guidelines seriously enough. Case in point: (last) Friday evening in City Park there were multiple pickup basketball games in effect, groups of young children playing, young people shaking hands and hugging, etc. In other words, recommended social distancing not only was non-existent, but was being totally ignored. This is a recipe for disaster. A whirlwind is coming, in fact is already here, and we must do everything in our power to limit its destructiveness. I urge the residents of this city to adhere to protocols put in place to save lives, to put the collective well-being of this community ahead of our individual wants and desires. If we don’t, people, many people, will die. I urge our city’s public officials to enforce these measures by any means necessary. If you don’t, people, many people, will die.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said after that country closed one of its most popular beaches this week due to “unacceptable” numbers of people congregating on it that “we are all in this together…if you are breaking those rules, you are putting not just yourselves, but other Australians at risk. The message is be our best selves.” That same message must be conveyed to and digested by all that call Parkersburg and indeed the greater Mid-Ohio Valley home. Right now, more so than any other time in recent history, we must be our best selves. Our lives, and the lives of all those we hold near and dear, depend upon it.

Rev. Bradley G. Davis



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