Writer makes Pitts’ point

I’d like to respond to a letter in the Feb. 9 issue. The writer has a problem with Leonard Pitts’ article from the previous Sunday. She wonders why any “respectable newspaper” would publish it. Mr. Pitts is a Pulitzer Prize winner, in the commentary category. He also happens to be my personal favorite print journalist. The reader with the complaint was not specific about exactly what she found objectionable, but did say his article contained “racist, hate-filled angst.”

I found nothing of a racist nature in Pitts’ article. He happens to be a gentleman of color. I do hope the reader doesn’t think that automatically makes his writings racist.

I also find no “hate” expressed in the article; just facts. Angst is defined as despair or dread that typically is unfocused, or, in informal use, worry about something trivial. Pitts was specific in his article, on what he thinks is worthy of concern, and it was not a trivial thing. The displeased reader made a sarcastic remark, which I take to mean she was not pleased with the results of a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center, which were mentioned in Pitts’ article. If that is so, surely she should take that up with the PRC, not the bearer of their message.

I think the writer of the letter may be an admirer of President Trump, and resent the terms used by Pitts to describe the president’s behavior. I note, however, that she does not say the description is inaccurate.

The irony of this situation is found in the fact that Pitts’ subject matter is the tendency of conservatives to voice outrage when unflattering facts about the president or his supporters appear in the media. The reader’s letter to the editor is actually a perfect example of what Pitts’ column was all about.

Jennifer N. Lee.