West Virginia needs effective leadership

West Virginia needs a governor who cares about everyday West Virginians. Everyday West Virginians built this state, its roads, its factories, its businesses and its heritage. It was not built by billionaires, their friends or by out of state corporations. Our state is being held back by Jim Justice because he’s more concerned about helping his own interests, not West Virginians. Jim Justice’s campaign promises have come and gone. In some cases, our state is in worse shape than ever. I supported Jim, as I believed that he cared about West Virginians, but he has demonstrated many times over that he cares more about himself and his billionaire buddies.

It’s time for us to have a governor who knows how to get things done. One candidate is running with a track record of getting things done, that is Ben Salango. Ben is a county commissioner in Kanawha County. At the local level, Ben knows you can’t hide from problems — you have to fix them. Ben has done just that. We need Ben as our governor.

West Virginians have heard enough talk from politicians. Our state is struggling, and it is time to elect a governor who will roll up his sleeves and do the work. Ben can do it. Ben Salango built the Shawnee Sports Complex on time, on budget, and did it with union labor. The complex has been a gamechanger. It has brought millions of dollars into the Kanawha Valley. Ben has lots of other ideas to create economic opportunities around our state, we just need to give him a chance.

Big Jim had his chance; he failed. We are still paying to heat it, guard it, and protect it, but no Jim in the governor’s mansion? Roads to Prosperity? It has been a bust in most areas of our state. We lack money to patch potholes, and no money to build roads. Remember the shovel-ready projects, just waiting on money? Never happened, but where’s the money gone?

Growth in our state has been from the extraction business, which has slowed. Revenue projections continue to be revised or missed or both. Relying on extractions for export to other states is not the way of the future, it is the path to certain economic death. We must diversify our economy. Ben will do that.

Ben Salango has spent his whole career fighting for the little guy. He has fought for every day West Virginians against greedy corporate interests that put profits over people. He is the only candidate to be endorsed by organized labor. If you want a fighter in your corner, who can clean up the mess created by Justice, please join me in supporting Ben Salango.

David Sims



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