Precedent may backfire

If President Trump were removed from office, on such flimsy charges as abuse of power, obstruction of Congress, etc., imagine the precedent the Democrats would have set.

Future presidents would be at the mercy of the majority party in Congress. Any time the majority party disagreed with the president’s policies, they would impeach him (her). Impeachment would no longer be rare, as our founding fathers intended. They would become common place, maybe monthly.

Eventually, there will be a Democratic president, with the Republicans in control of the House and Senate. Precedents the Democrats set that favor their party today will backfire on them and favor the Republicans tomorrow.

When former Senate Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats were in control, they set a precedent, changed Senate rules and invoked the nuclear option, in the confirmation of Supreme Court justices, to make it easier for the Democrats to confirm President Hillary’s nominees.

It didn’t occur to the Democrats that Hillary might lose. The Democrats are today complaining because the Republicans are able to confirm Trump’s justices with a simple majority vote. The Republicans are using the rules the Democrats made.

A bogus impeachment of Trump today may favor Republicans tomorrow.

Where were the impeachment-crazy Democrats during the previous administration? Here is a partial list of Obama’s “impeachable” offenses:

The IRS scandal. The IRS targeted conservative groups. No one was held accountable.

The “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal. Two U.S. border patrol agents and numerous Mexican citizens were murdered. Again, no one was held accountable.

The selling of 20 percent of our uranium reserves to Russia, illegally, bypassing Congress in the process.

The Iran Nuclear Deal. Obama bribed the mullahs in Iran with $150 billion in multiple currencies to accept the terrible deal, without the consent of Congress. Bribe money that is still being used to fund world-wide terrorism.

Benghazi. Where U.S. ambassadors Christopher Stevens, Tyrome Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith lost their lives when a mob stormed the unsecure embassy. Administration officials watched the attack on closed circuit TV while making no attempt to send in a rescue team.

The Obama administration, without Congressional approval, bombed Libya for several months, overthrowing Khaddaffi.

Imagine if Trump committed these “offenses” today.

Steve Wolverton