Do some healthy research

I get a bronchial infection once a year so I usually go to one of the express-care medical units in Parkersburg. In December I went to my usual medical unit and saw the signage had changed. Since I don’t have health insurance I usually self-pay when I check in, usually around $115. This time they didn’t ask for any money. My treatment was excellent as usual. As I was leaving I asked why they didn’t ask me for payment. They said they will send it to Medicare for payment. I told them I would rather pay now because Medicare wouldn’t pay anyway and it would just create more paperwork. I asked them how much it would be and they couldn’t tell me, which I thought was strange. They said that since the medical unit was taken over by the State of West Virginia and WVU they couldn’t take any more money than $50.

I expected them to send me a bill somewhere close to what I was paying, but I was shocked on Monday when I got a bill for $322! Before, my 30 minute treatment amounted to about $230/hour, but since the government has taken over the unit is charging me the equivalent of $744/hour.

Through some research I have found a place that would treat me for about the same price as before and would let me pay before I leave, so please do your research before visiting these places.

Gene Smith