Democrats and downfall

I remember an old expression growing up. It was, don’t wish your life away for life was short. Well this is one year I’d like to fast-forward through as I watch this Democrat train wreck of a campaign. Just when you see a headline and say to yourself they can’t get any crazier than that, wait till tomorrow’s news cycle.

I’ve yet to hear one good sound policy that benefits the American people or the American economy. Basically the whole Democrat platform is built on pandering, and of course Trump’s mean.

No talk of jobs or infrastructure or national security. It’s just free, free, free. Their Green New Deal should be called the Brown New Deal because it stinks to high heaven. They have vilified the entire fossil fuels industry, without which our modern society wouldn’t exist, with no meaningful logical way to replace it.

But hey it sounds cool to all these kids brainwashed by a 29-year-old ex-bartender in Congress who didn’t know what a garbage disposal was.

Notice there are no trade groups getting on board with this idea. Interestingly, the same ones railing against the evil oil still love their iPhones, refrigerated red wine and their Priuses … all of which require said evil oil to produce.

Maybe Andrew Yang’s idea of banning private car ownership will help all our ills. We have a homeless and/or housing crisis in America and Elizabeth Warren’s plan is to increase the cost of constructing houses with her carbon-neutral blueprints. That’s sheer genius.

I urge everyone to look up the New Way Forward proposal by the Democrats. They really are pulling out all the stops for votes, the country be damned.

A vote for any of these Democrats is a vote for open borders, benefits for illegal aliens, more taxes, more regulations, more regulations on paying taxes, anti-military legislation, anti-police legislation, creating another 37 genders and trying to legalize just about everything because, ya know, we should just let people do whatever.

This is the same party that’s legalizing public defecation. Ponder that one for a minute while you’re reading about this coronavirus.

What more insane ideas will we see from the left in the next few months?

God only knows.

I want to apologize now to the liberals for using the word “God” in this letter. I truly hope you got to your safe space in time.

Do you really think these above mentioned policies are good for America?

Today’s Democrat Party is a disgrace to the United States and all the men and women who fought in our wars for our freedom.

Ted McCullough



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