Voicing a few concerns

Rayon Drive when the kids get out of school and they are walking home — they get down onto Rayon Drive and there are no side walks for the kids to walk on.

I went through there one day when it was raining and the kids had to walk into the road or they would’ve been walking in water holes.

We need to think of the safety for these kids going to and from school.

When you drive down Rayon Drive at night you can barely see if there is anyone walking

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people almost get hit by walking on Rayon Drive at night.

So the city of Parkersburg needs to get side walks and better lighting on Rayon Drive.

Another matter is the lights in the park for Christmas. It’s sad that not too many people go to the park to see the lights.

The road in the park where you go around to see the lights will swallow up your car, that’s why people aren’t going through the park to look at the lights. I went through and wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it.

I told everyone if you go through the park to check the lights out, watch your vehicle because you will tear it up, the road is so terrible.

Mayor Tom Joyce needs to drive around and look at the roads and see what kind of work needs done and get working on them.

If I’m right, I don’t think the city Of Parkersburg has any equipment to pave roads I believe they sold all the equipment and contract it out.

How is that saving the city Of Parkersburg any money?

Now we have an ice skating rink at the Pavillion. People will have to miss the pot holes to get to the ice rink at the Pavillion.

I think the mayor’s problem is his hat. He is all hat and NO cattle.

So let’s take care of Parkersburg and take care of the problems we have in our city.

John D. McIntyre