Premise of letter unsupported

On 12/29 the News and Sentinel published a letter to the editor titled “Agenda is evident.” After reading that confused 14-paragraph composition for the fourth time, I still had no idea what agenda that writer was trying to sell.

He started by attacking anyone who believes that human activity can impact climate change. Essentially, he told his readers man-made climate-change is impossible. As you might expect, he offered no scientific data to support that opinion other than a bold statement that the average volcanic eruption would dump more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of mankind has generated since the creation. I’m always amazed by how easily scientific facts are dismissed or treated as immaterial by the un-informed and un-educated.

Anyway, from a scientific standpoint his comments were absolute garbage.

Climate research scientists have drilled ice-cores in Antarctica. Those ice-cores were drilled in a geographic area known to be temperature and chemically stable for at least 800,000 years. Bubbles trapped in those ice cores contain air samples which represent the changing gas composition of our atmosphere over 8,000 centuries. Gas analysis of those trapped air bubbles show variability in CO2 content over the centuries but the upper and lower limits of those oscillations are fairly consistent. Test results show that CO2 levels in the air we breathe didn’t start going wacko until the industrial revolution began about 250 years ago. That’s when atmospheric CO2 started to increase rapidly and it is now much higher and increasing much faster than at any other time in the past 800,000 years.

Most of that rambling, disorganized composition was pure silliness. It’s difficult to make your point when your message is un-readable gibberish un-supported by any facts.

Ralph Chambers



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