Leave willful ignorance behind

It seems there is no end to climate denial in our society, something that is a uniquely American problem. Even though nations like Australia are not acting like there’s a problem, at least they admit that anthropogenic (human-caused) global climate change exists. Charles Lawrence speaks of some nefarious plot, some underhanded agenda. This is a tiresome refrain.

Dr. James Lawrence Powell, MIT Geophysicist and two-time appointee to the National Science Board by Presidents Reagan and Bush Senior, recently published a piece in the peer-reviewed science journal the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society stating that “based on a review of 11,602 peer-reviewed articles on climate change and global warming published in the first 7 months of 2019, research scientists globally have reached a 100 percent consensus on the existence of human-caused global climate change.” There is no longer a question among the global climate and atmospheric research science community. The problem not only exists, but it is urgent. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as of Dec. 16, 2019 has seen 42,487 daily high temperature records set vs. 25,027 low records and 364 all-time high temperatures set vs. just 70 all-time lows.

As far as Mr. Lawrence’s other claims, there is nothing “factual supported evidence” about them. These are also tiresome refrains. Defending a woman’s bodily autonomy and personal sovereignty regarding her reproductive health is not promoting the “murder of innocents,” there’s a difference between being pro-birth and pro-life; people are not “illegal,” they’re undocumented and imprisoning them indefinitely without due process while separating families at the border is cruelty, not a legitimate immigration policy; affirmative action recognizes the privilege that exists in our society that is not in any way merit-based and attempts to address it; neither the Second Amendment nor SCOTUS’s 2008 District v. Heller decision affirming the right of every individual American to bear arms in any way restricts or prohibits reasonable gun control legislation and rule-making, which we are sorely lacking; and Mr. Lawrence might want to understand what socialism is before railing against it, the U.S. Democratic Party certainly isn’t engaging in it, despite what Mr. Lawrence has seen and heard on Fox News — a right-wing propaganda network.

As far as the Hallmark Channel and Mr. Lawrence’s allegation that it “cannot remain wholesome,” this says a lot more about Mr. Lawrence than it does about a commercial where a lesbian couple kiss at their wedding. This is a secular constitutional democratic-republic, not a Christian theocracy, and Mr. Lawrence’s brand of Christianity does not govern and must not be allowed to be legislated and litigated into the lives of others. More sexual orientations exist than heterosexual and more gender identities exist than cisgender (identifying with your birth gender) and the only perversity is when people are told their very existence is somehow wrong.

I’m sure there will be projection and gaslighting in response to this reply, accusing me of the hatred and discrimination and anti-science nonsense. I’ll leave judgment to the reader. But by the time this is published it will be 2020. It’s time to leave science rejection, willful ignorance and hatred in the past.

Eric Engle



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