Find better way for kids to play

Last year a basketball hoop was installed in my neighborhood. Since then I have witnessed basketballs bouncing off landscape, landscape lights and a house. Also balls going into landscaping, and kids and adults tramping in landscaping retrieving those balls.

This is not just a once in a while occurrence. These are almost daily, plus the noise of the basketball pounding the pavement. I am not against kids playing but I think that there should be some sort of restrictions on where hoops can be placed, especially when the quiet of the neighborhood is disrupted, property damage can occur and use of the public street is compromised.

Also I have witnessed several close calls with kids and passing vehicles. I think that city council should pass an ordinance that would establish guide lines as to where hoops can be placed and distances from private property.

The city of Parkersburg has several nice parks with basketball hoops plus there is the YMCA Boys and Girls Club and many after-school events that afford a safer place to play than our city streets.

Roy Hayhurst