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The more one sincerely studies, honestly evaluates and compares, studiously verifies and consistently continues seeking truth, the more limitations are recognized.

This then verifies that foundational understanding and application is imperative to conclusion. Key factors of any belief are contingent on foundation. One’s objectives are often exposed unintentionally upon operating from a flawed and often damaging premise.

Great efforts are necessary to justify flawed or erroneous conclusions. In such a case, a photographic memory is indispensable.

When in error or promoting deception, a good memory often dispenses of the need for coverup. On the other hand, truth has an affirmable way of standing unaided.

Expected and TIRESOME responses often evidence a flawed premise.

Science, education, social norms, operational standards, relationships and even religion suffer from a misdefined and skewed understanding and accepted definition of truth and righteousness.

Indulge, for a moment, if you would, in the thought of a world where everyone, everywhere lived consistently from the creator’s foundational truth. One might well imagine a world of no security measures as being necessary. No defensive or enforcement personnel, no political strife, no prisons, no crime, no hate, no deception, no religious factions forcing warped ideals or tenets on all others. No murder, nor perversion, no misrepresentation of any kind. No striving for undue personal indulgence and gain.

As a result of obedience to the giver of life, all people would experience the abundance of living. As where “disobedience” in the garden initiated the world’s woes, obedience, on the other hand would expunge those wrongs.

So regardless of individual perception, would not all people agree that a world free of deception and self-promotion indeed far surpasses all other experience?

But here’s the good news! That time, believe it or not, is approaching! When? The Son remarked that only the Father knows. But be not deceived, he does know.

Reckoning so, would it not behoove us to be prepared? And even if it were not so wouldn’t we have lived a good life, anyway?

On the other hand, imagine if it is true! Eternity hath no measure.

Charles Lawrence

St. Marys


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