Time to rethink Girl Scouts

I am not easily shocked. I am well aware of the “evil” that engulfs our current world — evil that is growing at a rate so “rapid” it almost boggles the brain. And yet, I was aghast by the current article in the Nov. 16 The Parkersburg News and Sentinel regarding the “Harry Potter”-inspired classes the Girl Scouts were enjoying at WVU-P.

More than 100 scouts (from 2nd to 8th grade) were learning palm reading, divination, and much more regarding the fine arts of witchcraft and wizardry. Harmless fun and games? I should say not. (By the way, Wicca is currently the fastest growing religion in the United States.)

The Bible still remains the No. 1 bestselling book in the world. What is the No. 2 best-selling book in the world? You guessed it: the “Harry Potter” books. Yes, I am a Bible-reading Christian. I know that witchcraft and spell-casting are indeed very real and very destructive. The Bible contains many warnings about these practices and speaks of the dire consequences for those involved in them.

I urge parents to educate yourselves about these matters. I urge Christian pastors to take a stand against these things in your communities. And I hate to say it, but it may be time to remove your daughters from the Girl Scouts of America.

It’s time to wake up!

Brenda Zika