Medical care takes many

During my professional career, I invested 14 years in the principal’s office of a local public school. Throughout all that time, I recall receiving one phone call — one — from a parent for no other reason than to tell me what a great job she thought I was doing. All of the numerous remaining calls in those years were complaints, arguments, criticisms, or demands for special considerations.

From that experience, I vowed to always thank and compliment anyone who provided me service and helpfulness. Hence, this letter.

I recently spent 18 days in a local hospital due to respiratory complications. I can’t express enough praise for all of the people who served my needs there. From the many well-trained and highly competent physicians, to the caring and pleasant nurses and patient care techs, to the pulmonary staff, ultrasound and x-ray pros to the marvelous support staff who cleaned my room and delivered my meals, everyone was wonderful. Not to mention the invisible army of behind-the-scenes folks in the pathology labs.

In every room at the hospital hangs a white board on which to post information relative to the patient. Across the bottom is a mantra that seems to be a living, daily philosophy of attitude and commitment to the medical profession practiced there.

One more thing that amazed me about my hospital stay was the massive number of people required to serve the needs of just one patient and the amount of drugs and equipment to support high quality care.

In closing, I hope everyone will come to the realization, as have I, how fortunate those of us who live in the Mid-Ohio Valley are to have such an amazing medical facility close at hand to serve our health care needs.

Richard Board



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