Editorial cartoon a new low

(Nov. 27)’s political cartoon reached a new low. The AP has managed to slap in the face every brave military man and woman who serves and has served. To ever, EVER call our best of the best, a “war criminal” is beyond disgusting. It is a sad reminder of when I came home after one tour in Korea and two tours in Viet Nam with three purple hearts and two bronze stars only to be spat upon and called “baby killer” from gutless protesters who knew nothing of what I had seen and felt and done, nor why.

Those who sit at home and write “rules of engagement” when they have no clue just what a “fog of war” really is, and how it feels to kill people because it is your mission and keeping your men and women alive, however you can, is all you can think about.

War criminals indeed! The real war criminals are those who think they understand more about war then the people who fight in it every day. They are the ones who cause deaths and failures because they think it is elitist to be against and condemn what they know not of.

Admirals can love power just as peers can seek revenge for being held to a higher standard. The facts are not always what they seem or what is reported.

Being 91 has its disadvantages but one sure advantage is having seen much about peace and war and served in both, one has a better perspective of the big picture. War is nothing like you think it is, nor can even imagine in your worst nightmare. It is a Hell on earth that our bravest continue to be called to do and endure.

Don’t ever take lightly this mission or the heroes who give their lives for us. Thank God for them every day and be the kind of person worth their dying for.

Charles Davisson,

Master Sargent US Army Retired



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