Cooperate, President Trump

If a person is suspected of committing a crime, they are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. There’s an investigation; if there’s enough evidence, it goes to trial. Even then, the guilt or innocence of the person is determined only after thorough examination and questioning of evidence, witnesses, records, etc. This is the process established by our Constitution to protect the rights of the individual and the security of our society. Many people dispute the outcome of the process, but not many people attack the process, because it is designed, as best as people have been able, to discover the truth.

I am appalled that the President of the United States is attacking the legal impeachment processes that are designed to protect all people, him as well as us, from presumptions of guilt. His attacks on the process itself are making it very hard for our elected officials to examine evidence, question witnesses and come to an objective, fact-based decision.

Rather than respecting the legal process required of every citizen, our president is texting “witch-hunt.” He has sworn to uphold the Constitution; yet he is demonizing the process the Constitution has set up to ensure our democracy stays strong and stable. He says he’s not guilty. All he needs to do is provide evidence, documentation and witnesses that back up his reasoning. He doesn’t need to be throwing a temper tantrum at referees who called a foul on him.

Can you imagine your mother asking you to explain a D on your report card, and you yelling at her that she’s a big meanie? A mature person would explain the reason for the D and make a commitment to study harder. Can you imagine your high school English teacher telling you that you were accused of cheating on a test, and you screaming at him that he’s a liar? Would it not be better to discuss why the teacher is saying that, and give proof that you did your own work on the test?

Come on, Mr. President. Show us what it looks like to be a law-abiding citizen. What you do is likely to be imitated by many others. If you don’t have to follow the laws, neither do people who sell drugs, molest children or embezzle pension funds. Lead us toward equal justice for all people, including yourself. You’re leading us towards political chaos and moral collapse.

Wendy Tuck



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